Dreams Come In All Shapes & Sizes


Dreams come in all shapes and sizes. They can be big like wanting to be a Broadway performer, or smaller like landing a part in a school play. Some dreams may be permanent like becoming a doctor, and others may be temporary like visiting Paris. That’s what makes dreams so exciting. They have no rules.
Dreams create endless possibilities and give people something to look forward to. Everyone should have at least one dream they are pursuing. They create focus, resilience, and makes people want to jump out of bed in the morning. Here’s some topics to consider when helping the youth in your life find a purpose and direction in their life:

Tips for finding what sparks your interest. Some people just know what they want out of life, but most people struggle with finding their true calling. Think smaller and focus on the small sparks …. they just may lead to something big. 

How to use sprints and marathons to focus on your dreamsIf your dream is big, then how do you keep yourself going on your way to getting there? Incorporate “sprints” into your long-term plans.

How can youth build resilience? It’s easy to get discouraged and suffer setbacks when pursuing a goal or dream. It’s important to know how to handle them, so you don’t feel like giving up.

Goal-setting theory developed by Dr. Edwin Locke & Dr. Gary Latham. Tools for setting and obtaining goals made easy. 

“Dreams can take you around the world or be obtained in your own backyard.”

-Patricia Wooster, Ignite Your Spark: Discovering Who You Are From the Inside Out

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