Ignite Your Spark:

Discovering Who You Are from the Inside Out

Forge your own path, engage your passions, and light thousands of sparks to become the person you want to be with this interactive guide filled with quizzes and activities to help you along the way. It’s no secret that your teen years can be tumultuous, confusing, and even sucky, but that doesn’t mean you can’t light a fire in your life. Covering topics from relationships, self-image, and school to goals, failures, and willpower, Ignite Your Spark features thought-provoking quizzes, “Ignite Your Life” activities, and profiles of kids and adults alike who have ignited their own spark to accomplish extraordinary things.


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So, You Want to Be a Leader?

An Awesome Guide to Becoming a Head Honcho (Be What You Want)

Have you ever been excited by the idea of leading a group or being in charge? This comprehensive guide reveals a whole host of careers you can pursue with leadership skills you can start building today. We have all known kids who say they want to grow up to be President of the United States, but what about becoming an educational leader or the CEO of a company? There are myriad ways kids today can grow up to become the leaders of tomorrow. But the only way to get there is to start becoming a leader today. In addition to tips and interviews from professionals in the industry, So, You Want to Be a Leader?includes inspiring stories from kids who are already leaders in their own communities, activities, a glossary, and resources to help kids on their way to a successful and fulfilling career.


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So, You Want to Work in Fashion?

How to Break into the World of Fashion and Design (Be What You Want)

“A wonderfully comprehensive, accessible and realistic entree into the dynamic world of fashion.” (Kirkus Reviews)

“Breezy and fun to browse, this is best shared with younger teens just beginning to consider potential careers.” (Voya)

“Short chapters and conversational writing make this an accessible, realistic, and practical introduction to an extremely competitive industry.” (Magan Szwarek Booklist)


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About Patricia Wooster


Patricia Wooster is a mother, author, and teen advocate. She is the author of Ignite Your Spark: Discover Who You Are From the Inside Out and So, You Want To Be A Leader? Patricia’s books have helped teens, parents, and educators discuss important teen issues like: insecurities, peer pressures, bullying, body image, relationships, academics, and self-identity.

You can learn more about Patricia Wooster here.

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