Keys To A Successful Academic Career

Youth spend a significant amount of their childhood at school or participating in activities. Whether they are a true academic or someone that lives for the weekends they will be much happier if they can use their classroom time to learn more about their interests. Homework, projects, and tests take up a lot of time, so turning the process into a reciprocal arrangement benefits both students and teachers. Whether they dread the alarm clock going off in the morning or bound out of bed with excitement school is more rewarding when students take control of their learning. Here’s the way students can make the most out of their day:

Make school projects a learning experience. Instead of picking boring topics or whatever seems easiest for book reports, projects, and essays encourage youth to pick a topic that they find interesting or will help them in another area of their life. 

How to handle setbacks and hard classes. Some people work really hard in school for little gains. How can you encourage youth to learn and work hard who feel like their grades don’t reflect their effort?

Why activities are important. Having activities and interests outside of school are important for relaxation, enjoyment, and fun. They can reduce stress and help youth create a strong peer group.

Top 10 ways to create a habit. The more things you put on autopilot the easier it is to get things done, be productive, and achieve goals. 

How to use deliberate practice to improve skills. When you’re interested in an activity or skill it’s fun and exciting to see an improvement in your performance. It’s also much more rewarding when you’re working hard.

“The key to enjoying school is finding a way to apply what you’re learning to your everyday life or toward something you would like to do in the future.”

-Patricia Wooster, Ignite Your Spark: Discovering Who You Are From the Inside Out

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