Three words to describe me: Author, Book Coach, and Motivator (I’m obsessed with personal development!)


What you can find around here: 

  • Resources to build your life MOMENTUM, so you can work on those big dreams while maintaining balance in your personal life.
  • Personal assessments, so you can key in on your strengths, and FOCUS on those areas you want to grow.
  • How-to’s on getting your thoughts on paper, so you can write your AMAZING story.
  • Practical advice for writing and publishing a book, so you can introduce the world to YOU and your big ideas.

Who am I?

I’m the author of the young adult bestselling book “Ignite Your Spark: Discovering Who You Are From the Inside Out” along with 12 other titles. I write about issues that are important to youth by gathering information from field experts, social advocates, and (most importantly) from the amazing young people out in the trenches. They are my inspiration! In 2018, I will be publishing a journal for teen girls called “Create Your ME Movement”, which will help girls develop in these 4 key areas in their life: Play, Purpose, Spirit, and Strength.

I’ve written the curriculum for a national personal development program for middle and high school girls with For The Girls International Organization (ftgi.org). My books have been included in school curriculums, WeDay youth leadership events, and book clubs.

In addition to writing, I’m a a book coach who assists business leaders and entrepreneurs plan, write, and publish their own nonfiction books. In the next year, I’m excited to offer this coaching through online courses and workshops. I love empowering people to share their own stories and experiences with others. I will be reinforcing all of this messaging with my 2018 release of “Momentum: Take Your Life Out Of Neutral and Drive Into Your Purpose.”

Contact Me

I’d love you to hear from you. Drop me a line and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

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